Sunday, August 14, 2011

Latest Tatting Projects........

I have some tatting to show everyone that I have been working on. 

Be-Stitched Pattern in White

Be-Stitched Pattern in Eizbeth 663
I have a little bit of a mess to clean up before I can start working on my project.  I keep them in a small little bin that I can keep in my purse or work bag and well I guess I should come up with something else to keep them in so I don't have to battle this again. 

Christmas Bell 2007
By Wanda Salmans
This is the newest pattern that Wanda had posted for Christmas Bell 2007.  I have started the first ring and chain.  I need to get working on my stuff as I have several Swap Partners from Raverly that I have to make stuff for. 

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  1. Nice start on the white motif. Finding the perfect way to carry your tatting is an on-going challenge for me. I keep thinking one of those cute little bags that Jane Eborall makes would be neat to have.
    I think it's so cool that you are making the bell pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing it done.