Sunday, August 14, 2011

Latest Tatting Projects........

I have some tatting to show everyone that I have been working on. 

Be-Stitched Pattern in White

Be-Stitched Pattern in Eizbeth 663
I have a little bit of a mess to clean up before I can start working on my project.  I keep them in a small little bin that I can keep in my purse or work bag and well I guess I should come up with something else to keep them in so I don't have to battle this again. 

Christmas Bell 2007
By Wanda Salmans
This is the newest pattern that Wanda had posted for Christmas Bell 2007.  I have started the first ring and chain.  I need to get working on my stuff as I have several Swap Partners from Raverly that I have to make stuff for. 

New Threads

I have lost track of time and forgot to share some of the threads that I got from our friends in Tat Land.  These I got back in April. 

Rhubarb Pie from Marilee Rockley

I am trying to figure out what pattern I can use this thread on.  Hmmm maybe one of Jon's new patterns from her latest book that she just came out with. 

The next batch of threads came from Lady Shuttle Maker.  I am still not sure what to make with them but I know that I will come up with something cause that is just the way that I am. 

The front color is Neapolitan Size 20, Middle color is Rio Size 20 and the last one is Witches Brew Size 20 as well. 

Thank you ladies for all your hard work that goes into the hand dyed threads that you make :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tatting Updates......

I have still been working on my tattting.  I am just not as quick and can't sit still for a long period of time to work on stuff. I wanted to share of the recent things that I have completed.

This first one is a free pattern that I got from Be-Stitched.  It was a great ring and chain pattern for me and really easy.

I used this one as a handmade item for my Afghan Swap that I am in.  My swap partner just loved it. 

Its not 100 % correct but hey what can you say for the first go round for the pattern.  I am very happy with the way it turned out. 

Several months back I saw a pattern that Anika had made and she was so kind to share her pattern.  The first round was a sinch.  Then came the second row and I ran into which thread to I attach it to the ball or the shuttle.  I got to thinking to myself gosh I have A LOT of learning to do still.  I did notice that I added an extra picot to the one ring but heck I'll use that to attach the thread to and hang it on the tree!  :)  No worries what so ever.  Please be nice when you see the finished work......

Great Grandma's Ripple

My Great Grandmother made all of us Great Grand kids Ripple Afghans.  I was not able to get her pattern before she passed away but I have found the pattern that she used by countless hours of looking on the Internet.  I have started one just to use just to use when your sitting on the sofa or chair at home.  My sure that I will never get to use it cause my family will hijack it! :-)  These are some of my favorite colors as well.


WoW....Time has got away from me........

A few months ago I got a puppy a Chihuahua.  Her name is Chloe and is such a mommy girl.  We picked her because of her markings.  I have run into so many people that say they have never seen a dog her color. 

This is from the night that she came home.......

She is mommy's little Princess ..............
Oh boy does she hate her mommy when I put this on her.....

On August 1st we had experienced the tragic loss of my German Short Haired Pointer that was truly my pride and joy.  She was up in age but still would on occasion have puppy moments.  Her health was going down hill but we were going to allow her to live life as long as she was comfortable.  She would just wonder off and this time she did into the path of car.  She is no longer in pain but cause a lot of heart ache for our family.  Who were we going to feed ice cubes to????  Who were we going to feed pizza crust to????  Who were we going to call Mosie or Mommy Girl????  After several night of nightmares for my son we had to do something to change that. 

Meet Snickers.......Yes another little Chihuahua.  He was at the vet yesterday and is a whole big 2 lbs 7 oz.....

At the end of the day this is not my pointer but makes me happy to see this........