Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Trip to Cake Boss

Yesterday 8 of us loaded up in 2 cars and traveled to Hoboken New Jersey. We went to Carlo's Bakery - AKA the Cake Boss that is on TLC. In my house we are big fans and each week that new show gets taped on DVR. I am going to share some of the picture from yesterday. I know this has nothing to do with crafts.

The Front of the Store at 95 Washington Avenue
The lady in the center of the door way with the Blue/Purple shirt is Mama!

The SUV that Buddy drives along with the Bake Shop Van

 Look at these.....They are amazing to eat

The line on the next block down from the shop 2 hour wait

Rich and I with Collin in the background standing in line at outside the store after the long wait.  But it was well worth it.

Collin on the left, Landan on the right waiting to get into the store.
Amazing Cakes and Pies

Amazing Cakes and Pies with Chocolate covered Strawberries

More cakes.....I got the Purple one with flowers

Cupcake Heaven


Fruit desserts
The camera crew getting ready to film when we were there.  They were very nice about telling you what they wanted us to do while they filmed.
The most amazing man behind it all.  BUDDY :)