Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Well I have attempted to upload pictures today while at work and had no success so I will have to do that when I get home from work. 

I have grown upset of the last week.  I finished Abigail a few weeks back and went to go and look for it because next week I get to start week 1 of 3 of my tatting class.  Abigail is gone MIA.  I am extremely upset as she was not perfect but she was the first thing that I made and was very proud of.  I will continue to look for her as I want to show her off next week.

I did start a second Abigail how ever she ended up frogged.  She is currently sitting on my bedside table waiting to be added to the tatting scrapbook.  :(

I have finished my tatted bookmark that I blogged about back on 2/10.  I will post a picture later today.  It was simple on the first side and then when I got to the end and started the second side it gave me a little trouble but I got it all worked out.  This marks my second completed project.  Still a bunch to improve on but its getting there.

On 2/13 I began to blog about working on Angels in the Snow pattern.  Well I had to frog the first one and will post that picture then.  I marked the shuttles as to 1 and 2 but was having difficulties with the pattern.  I enlisted the help of a dear friend Wanda and she was so kind to write out directions as well as take step by step tatted pictures.

I got brave and decided to attempt the pattern a second time.  I guess the second time was a charm thus far.  I am still working on the pattern and its is looking good for my third tatted project.  this time I used 2 different color threads to help me understand the pattern better.  I have plans to make a solid color one once this one is done.  I have just about half way around on it now.  I still have a bunch to learn but I am excited to finish it before my Tatting Class next Tuesday.

Last night my son came up with this idea that he wants 300 tatted items snowflakes, hearts, butterfly's and so on.  Well the tried to tell him that this would take me a life time as I don't tat that fast and and very new.  I disappointed him and feel bad that I did.  I have to find a way to make him happy again.  Any ideas anyone?  Maybe I should check his hiding spots and see if he is the one who took Abigail.   


  1. maybe you could tat him a couple of spiders? A small ring (head) and then a big ring with 2 long picots on each side which you then cut to make legson the body. You could easily tat him one a day until you branch out and feel more comfortable with your skills.

  2. ... or a butterfly, or a green worm!!! And then a red one, then a yellow one...
    Fox : )

    That was a funny post to read. ♥