Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well I started my First Tatting project on Sunday 1/30/2011.  I was very happy with my progress thus far.  After only having 1 Tatting lesson.  For the next several days I was looking all over Blogs to Figure out the next stitch group that I had to do.  I decided to get some other thread out and give it a shot before I did the "real thing" and well it just didn't want to work.  I decided at that point to put on my big girl pants and give it my best.  I was so excited I got it on the first try :)  Yeah for me.  So I continued to work on it for the next several days as time allowed.  As I am not a big sports fan I decided that Super Bowl Sunday was going to be the day that I finshed Abigail.  With my head held high I showed my family and they liked it.  I began to email and text message everyone that I finshed my first project!  I got a lot of good jobs, way to go, thats amazing, wow.  I am going to share this with the cyber world, please everyone I have a lot more to learn and things to improve on. 

I had emailed Fox and shared the picture of my tatted project.  She had very kinds words to say about my project.  She asked to share my story and picture on her blog as well and I agreed.  I was able to read the kind comments that people left on her blog.  The Color that I used was Handy Hands - 130 - Island Breeze.    Thank you all for your kinds words.  
Here is my second attempt at Abigail since I finshed the last one on Sunday.  I am using Lizbeth Size 20 thread, from Handy Hands as my bank book is going broke from ordering all kinds of yummy threads from there.  The color is 119 - Jelly Bean.

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  1. You did a great job! The colors you chose look very yummy, too. I'm very impressed with how nice your Abigail looks. It certainly doesn't look like it's your first piece!