Sunday, February 13, 2011

Package in the Mail

Well Thursday after work I came home to a box sitting on my bed with my son sitting beside it with keys in hand to open MY package.  So between the 2 of us we tore into the box to take a look......  This is what came in my Handy Hands box. 

My new books are Tea is for Tatting by Martha Ess and Complete book for Tatting my Rebecca Jones.  

This picture won't flip as I have tried for the last hour.

~ A pack of Clover Tatting Shuttles - In Pastel Colors
~ Lizabeth Treads in the following colors
  ~ Salmon Med - 628
  ~ Turquoise Lt - 662
  ~ Juicy Watermelon - 156
  ~ Country Grape Swril - 140
  ~ Rainbow Taffy - 153
  ~ Country Purple Lt - 631
  ~ Country Grape Lt - 636
  ~ Navy Blue - 654
  ~ Spring Green - 680
  ~ Mocha Brown Dk - 692
  ~ Mountain Breeze - 134
  ~ White (x2) - 601
~ 2 Mini Hook Sets
~ Picot Gauge and Tatting Needle Size

I have several things in mind to start working on with all these new colors that I just got.  I was able to spend a little bit of time looking at the books and WOW.  It is going to be so much fun! 


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  1. A present to yourself! Love it! The colors sound yummy, don't they? Juicy Watermelon, Country Grape Swirl,Mocha...Don't drool too much on your projects:-)